Buy one today!

Or perhaps tomorrow.

(Unless you don't want to. Then don't. I really don't care.)




Evil Baby.

For toddlers & babies!


Milo Oblong NO. shirts!

For men, women, toddlers & babies!


Men's 'whore'





Do you like my Labeling series of shirts? I knowing how much people hate to be labeled these days, I've decided to come out with this line of shirts:








Black Milo Oblong

NO. shirts!




$3.00 will be added for shipping, because that's what it costs to send a shirt within the U.S.

(That's for regular USPS. If you want Fed Ex or Overnight mail, that's available too. But I think it costs more or something, I don't know.) Unless you're going to come over & pick it up, then don't bother with postage. If you're going to come over & pick it up, bring vodka. Doreen drank all mine. Fucking Doreen.


Or send a check or money order to:

Angus Oblong.
14320 Ventura Blvd. #168.
Sherman Oaks, CA. 
Please include a note telling me what the payment is for because I'm retarded.