Hand-written Insults!
I can smell your period.
You are a big fat whore.
Your clitorous is big and...
I pee on you...
I hate you so very much.
I don't like you and I never did.
I want to lick your butthole.
You are so much more stupider...
The things that come out of my butt...
I seriously can't wait until you're dead.
Every time I look at you, I want to stab you until you almost die.
Nothing You've ever done is right. Idiot.
I will pee on your grave.
Your butt is weird-looking.
I hate everything about you.
Your pussy smells...
I had sex with your dad.
I want to cum on your face.
I literally hate you.
Please eat my ass. I will pay.
Hand-written Insults!
Hand-written Insults!
Hand-written Insults!

Hand-written Insults!

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These are hand-written by me, Angus Oblong!
Size: Most are 8x6" but a few are cut smaller.
A mere $5.00 each! (Plus $1.50 for shipping.)
Done on professional illustration paper.
Fun fact! I was drinking heavily and watching The Flintstones while I made these.

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