The Oblongs.
The animated series.

The Oblongs

"The Oblongs" is an animated series based on the book, Creepy Susie & 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children written & illustrated by Angus Oblong. The show was created by Oblong, animated by Film Roman, produced by Warner Brothers & aired originally on The WB.

It currently reruns on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim & showing in numerous other countries on the planet Earth. (If you're in a country where The Oblongs is currently airing, write to the creator & let him know!: 

The Oblongs are a physically deformed & socially inept family living in the town of HillValley. Pickles (voiced by the stunningly beautiful & talented oscar-winning Jean Smart) is a boozing, bald-headed, wig-wearing floozy happily married to the love of her life, Bob Oblong (voiced by Will Ferrell). Bob is an upbeat, moralistic, pipe smoking father right out of a 1950’s sit com. But without arms & legs. 

Their 3 or 4 children are Biff & Chip, 17 year old conjoined twins sharing three legs & three butt cheeks. Milo, (played to perfection by the adorable & crass Pamela Segal Aldon of “King of the Hill" & “Californication”). Milo is an 8 year old boy with every traumatic childhood disorder known to mankind. And their youngest, little Beth Oblong (voiced by the mop-headded & multi-talented Jeannie Ellias). Beth Oblong is a fearless, adorable 4 year old who is Hello-Kitty-cute with an enormous, grotesque, wart covered, growth protruding from her head. No, it is not a penis. 

At school, Milo Oblong is a social reject, as are his friends, Peggy Weggy; the girl with no lower jaw & one booby in the center of her chest, Helga (voiced by great big lezzie Lea Delarea), pathetic Mikey Butts whose butt cheeks sag down below his knees & Creepy Susie (Mikey & Susie both also voiced by Jeannie Ellias). Creepy Susie is a morbid goth girl who - for no mentioned reason - floats 6 inches above the ground. No kid at school will befriend this group of ugly rejects, so they must find companionship with eachother, gathering daily in their clubhouse in Milo’s backyard. The only kid socially lower than them is the girl with a beak. 

Other voices in the show include Billy West, Laraine Newman, Becky Thyre, Maurice LaMarche, Jim Cummings & Debra Wilson.


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 A key.


"The Oblongs is awful."
Desert News, Salt Lake City UT.


"Gross images."
The Hartford Courant.


"Obtuse Oblongs draws on disgust."
USA Today


"Occasionally funny."
Los Angeles Times.




"Oblongs never gets funny."
LA Daily News.


"If only the show were a lot funnier."
LA Daily News.


"A peculiar mutation."  "Weak."   "Wicked."
LA Daily News.


"Should be funnier than it is."
"The instrument with which the satire is applied is a little 
less delicate - something like, oh, a towel."
Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN.


"I was mesmerized but not amused."
The Times Picayune, New Orleans.


"... penis ..."
LA Times.