13 More Tragic Tales for Ugly Children!
13 More Tragic Tales for Ugly Children!

13 More Tragic Tales for Ugly Children!

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I recently got a publishing deal to have this book made and distributed! Watch on my socials for more details on the book's release and where you can get yours.

'13 More Tragic Tales for & about Ugly Children'
is the follow-up book to
'Creepy Susie & 13 Other Tragic
Tales for Troubled Children.'

This book includes 13 fully illustrated stories!
180 pages.

Includes all of these stories:

Jane & Her Twin Appendage Sister.
Carl & the Crippled Black Kid With a Eyepatch.
Crossdressing Charles.
Janet's Butt.
Stewart Dies & Goes to Hell.
Good Little Bobo.
Sally & Spanky.
A Few Fascinating Details in the Life of Beanpole Betty.
Inbred Harvey.
Flatulent Flavio.
Alfonzo, the Brave Little Bison.
Patricia Had 2 Mommies.
Mommy Is Going to Die.

& the instant family classic,

Mean, Nasty, Foul, Ugly People!

180 pages.

FUN FACT: I named this book "for Ugly Children" because my first book had in the title, "...for Troubled Children," & women were buying my book for their troubled teens, thinking it might help. Haha. Stupid. Do people really do that? Just throw "troubled" books at their kids & bark, "FIX."
Anyhow, I was getting angry letters from angry women (all of which are framed in my office), so for the follow-up book, I came up with a title even stupid people couldn't fuck up. But they probably will..


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