The Great Toiletpaper Shortage of 2020.

The Great Toiletpaper Shortage of 2020.

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Remember when Covid hit and suddenly it was impossible to find toilet paper? I found that an extremely odd side effect to the virus. So I drew how it went down with Milo and Helga! Helga also did this to all of her other friends, but they got revenge by slathering Super Glue onto her toilet seat. She had to pry the seat off and walk around with it stuck to her butt for the next two weeks.

High quality print on 80 pound card stock. NOT tube shipped.

Comes signed &/or personalized. Just let me know how you'd like it signed. TO anyone in particular? If you give me no directions, I'll simply sign & send it.

Sizes: Large, 11x17 or Smol, 8.5x11"

Large, $20 plus shipping.
Smol, $12 plus shipping.

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