Personalized Postcards Sent to Whomever You'd Like!

Personalized Postcards Sent to Whomever You'd Like!

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Personalized Postcards!

For $10 measly dollars, Angus Oblong will write a postcard & send it to you or to whomever you'd like! And it will say anything you want it to!
Get one for someone you love or to someone you hate. Or do you want Mr. Oblong to break some bad news? Such as, "I want a divorce."
"I'm pregnant but it's not yours."

No illustrations. Only text.

Each one done on high-quality 140 lb. watercolor paper postcards.

All reasonable requests accepted. (No death threats because the lady at the post office says that's illegal. Yes, I tried.)

After purchasing, please contact Mr. Oblong at & tell exactly what you want written or drawn & don't forget to include the address! (You'd be surprised..)

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